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Stip Hilversum is a foundation for 14 public primary schools, including an authorised IB Wold School for international education in English and two schools offering bilingual education.  The schools are spread over 19 locations in Hilversum and one in the nearby town of Huizen. Stip stands for quality, pluriform education for all children.

Every child deserves an education in which he or she can fully develop their talents. To realise this, in addition to cognitive knowledge and skills, attention is needed for the personal, social and emotional development of each child. Students attending Stip schools are independent, show initiative, and are creative and resilient.  

A quality education opens up an entirely new World. At our Stip schools, children gain knowledge and master skills that will help them throughout their whole lives. They learn to see the world in all its variation and complexity. They develop themselves as individuals in a rapidly changing world.  To facilitate this, Stip schools help children acquire and develop 21st Century skills so they may become collaborators, communicators, effective and responsible users of information technology, creators, critical thinkers and problem solvers.

The continuous improvement of the quality of education is a significant tasks for the board and the schools. Not only do the Stip schools fulfil all the requirements of the Dutch inspectorate but they have higher ambitions that stand in direct relation to society, its expectations and requirements. We have given ourselves the ambition to guide our students in developing all their talents in preparation for the society of the 21st Century. We focus not only on cognitive, intellectual talents but also on practical, social emotional and creative talents of our students. Most significantly, we offer our students a safe educational climate in which children – with respect for each other – can be who they want to be.

Quality education requires excellent and inquisitive educators, both teaching and support staff. Within their schools, and the foundation, the employees work together to learn from and with each other. Learning with and from each other, (‘Leren met en van elkaar’), is a motto that can be used at student, teacher and school level. We encourage and stimulate staff and school leaders to actively look for new ways of working, new educational visions and new opportunities. Collaborative problem solving, sharing knowledge, but also learning from personal research. In these ways, we give form to professional dialogue within our foundation.

Quality education requires innovations. For this reason, Stip Hilversum has initiated a number of innovation projects including high gifted students and language development in young children. This has led to a  policy within Stip schools for gifted students in which these students attend a ‘Stipklas’  for one or more sessions a week to follow a special education programme.

Primary Schools for newcomers
At the schools De Dubbeldekker Hilversum and Taalschool Huizen children from abroad learn the Dutch language in twelve months. At the Dubbeldekker students from groups 7 & 8, aged 10-12 years, have quest lectures from experts in, for example, presenting, debating and work study skills to improve their confidence, boldness, motivation and future prospects.

Bilingual Primary Education
At two of the schools, the Violenschool and the Gooise Daltonschool, in addition to regular Dutch education, we offer bilingual primary education (TPO) wherein 50% of the instruction is in English. We are proud that these two schools are of only 20 schools chosen by the ministry of education to pilot this innovation.

Full Englisch Educationprogram
At International Primary School Hilversum, which has been authorised as an IB World School since 2000, English is the language of instruction. Dutch is taught as the host country language.

Special concepts
Finally, Stip Hilversum recognises a number of schools with specific educational concepts such as the Lorentz school (Dalton), Gooise Daltonschool, Waldorfschool De Windkanter and the Sterrenschool.

Are you looking for a public primary school in Hilversum?  Under the heading ‘Our schools / onze scholen’ you can find further information on each of our schools. The map of Hilversum on the homepage shows where they are located and clicking on a location links you to each school’s website.

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